Where to Find the Best Steroid Injection Sites

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Steroid Injection Sites

Where to Find The Best Steroid Injection Sites

Where do I inject steroids? Proper steroid injection is essential but are usually the last thing people consider when running their first cycle. It’s easy to find the best steroid yet administering it to maximize the results without jeopardizing your safety is often neglected that the act becomes scary for many. This article will tell you where the best steroid injection sites are so you can erase your fears and avoid depriving yourself! Steroid injections are meant for your muscle tissue; which means anabolic steroids are injected using the IM (intramuscular) method and nothing else. There are 36 particular spots which you can do steroid injections, but many will only require a few.

Location of Steroid Injections

You may choose from the 9 various muscle groups in the body. Here are the groups of muscles that are the best injection sites along with the number of injection sites in the specific muscle:

  • Glutes (1 site) – This spot is said to be one of the most harmless and comfortable areas for steroid injections. Find the upper outer quadrant section of the butt cheek you’re injecting into. Inject only in that area. Avoid steroid injections into the meat of your glute muscle as this tend to be very delicate to needle injection and there’s a huge possibility you’ll hit a large nerve.
  • Thighs (2 sites) – Another popular spot as it makes steroid injections a breeze as you can use both hands to administer the shot. Injection must go into the thick area of the huge muscle to avoid the bone.
  • Deltoids (3 sites) – All 3 points - anterior deltoid head (front), posterior deltoid head (rear) and lateral deltoid head (side) are good for steroid shots, but many find the side to be the most comfortable spot amongst the three. All you have to do is to inject into the midpoint of the muscle.
  • Biceps (2 sites) – Administer shot either in the inner or outer bicep heads straight into the center of every point.
  • Triceps (3 sites) – Locate the fullest area of the triceps brachii and inject.
  • Pectoral/Chest (3 sites) – The upper inside portion, middle inside portion and the outer lower portion of the pectoral are suitable points.
  • Traps (1 site) – Inject straight into the center of the muscle.
  • Quadriceps (2 sites) – You may either inject the sweep (outer head) or tear-drop (inner head), although the former is more comfortable. For the inner head, administer steroid injection into the middle. For the outer head, inject around midway amid the hip and knee faintly on the muscle exterior.
  • Calves (2 sites) – You may inject into the middle of either the inner head or outer head. BUT, this injection spot is very painful so only use it if needed.

There are numerous injection sites you can select from but the glutes and deltoid (side or lateral deltoid head) are proven to be the most fitting and pleasant spots. After you have done a steroid injection, you’ll realize the process is quite easy and simple.

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